Welsh bioscience company forms partnership with Netsuite

BioMonde, a health technology company headquartered in Bridgend, has formed a partnership with cloud giant Netsuite to bring its life-changing products to market faster.

The company, which develops larval debridement therapies to treat patients with chronic and non-healing wounds, has implemented an enterprise management system from Netsuite.

It’s been using the OneWorld platform to better handle timely business processes, regulatory mandates, and global manufacturing and distribution challenges. The software takes a data-driven approach.

As well as streamlining crucial business procedures, NetSuite is also helping the firm respond quickly to customer needs by providing an overview of financial, customer, product and order data.

Mike Johnson, chief financial officer of BioMonde, said the technology is allowing the company to go ahead with its ambitious expansion plans and use big data to make more informed business decisions.

“To reach our potential, we quickly needed to become a world-wide operation,“NetSuite OneWorld enabled us to expand and now we’re able to slice and dice not just financial data, but all the data sales people have captured,” he said.

“With this data, we have a clear view of where we are and where we need to be at any given moment.”

Paul Farrell, vice president of industry product marketing and management at Oracle NetSuite, said the software is helping fast-growing bioscience companies to overcome industry challenges and focus on creating life-changing innovations.

“The bioscience industry faces unique challenges, including complex healthcare regulations and commercialisation requirements, which means it often takes years and millions of dollars to turn ideas into reality,” he commented.

“To navigate this complexity and devote their attention to making life-changing breakthroughs for patients, bioscience companies are increasingly selecting NetSuite to manage their business processes.

“NetSuite gives them a unified, cloud-based platform to streamline business complexities and pressures around everything from regulation to increased competition.”

Image credit: Pixabay